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Who Are We

Established In 2010 By Founder, Jassie Yeo, worked together with Edmund Ong by using exclusive Ginseng Herbs & Hair Care Recipe, continues to offer its efficacy in helping countless customers recover from white hair, hair loss & dandruff problems.

Ginseng Hair Care products main ingredients are Premium Ginseng, Ling Zhi, He Shou Wu & Dang Gui Herbs. No added artificial flavours, colorings and preservatives. We offer these products with affordable pricing whereby customer will enjoy maximum satisfaction without paying a huge amount of money.

Customers increase drastically within this 5 years due to fantastic effect of our Ginseng Hair Care. Our business is expanding and now we have 4 Branches to serve more customers. We are looking for joint venture partner, for those who are interested in starting their own business, Kindly Contact Us At Tel: 010-933 6614.

创办人Jassie Yeo于2010年与伙伴Edmund Ong开始进入头发护理的行业,开始发倔这行业的潜质及意识到现今社会许多人都会面对头发与白发的问题。2012年开始,我们开始创建自己的品牌,并不断研究与进步,以独特的中草药秘方,为无数顾客解决白发脱发,及头发屑问题。

Ginseng Hair Care 人参护发产品以四个主要成分熬制:即是人参, 灵芝, 何首乌及当归, 并无添加任何化学制品、色素及防腐剂。大众化的价钱,用心的服务是GINSENG HAIR CARE的经营理念;使顾客见证效果,重拾信心, 是GINSENG HAIR CARE最大的成就。

由于顾客对人参中草药护发效果感到满意, 赢得好口碑, 使顾客人数在五年里倍增,至今已扩充营业。Ginseng Hair Care 至今拥有四间分店的顾客资源共享,欢迎有兴趣创业的人士加盟,有关详情可联络 Tel: 010-933 6614。